Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts

What are Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts?

Why do we have to choose between price and quality? After all, we expect that a Mercedes with higher mileage continues to be economical on the road – and, at the same time, remains genuine. This is the underlying principle of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts : Parts that reduce costs without compromising the proven Mercedes-Benz quality. In an efficient, resource-saving manufacturing process, each part is reconditioned, checked, and tested in accordance with the quality of the Mercedes-Benz standards. The result is a wide selection of cost-efficient genuine remanufactured parts, which is continuously expanded. The reliable network of Mercedes-Benz partners ensures quick availability on-site. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts save valuable raw materials and energy in the remanufacturing process – cost savings that we pass on to our customers as a price advantage.

4 reasons for more cost effectiveness:

  • Economic costs of replacement parts
  • Guaranteed Mercedes-Benz quality
  • Reliable availability
  • Resource-saving production

Which advantages does the exchange business offer?

Smart calculation

  • Reduced part costs
  • Workshop costs saved
  • Less downtime
  • Shorter order times

Guaranteed Mercedes-Benz quality

  • Careful, industrial reclamation process
  • Perfect fit
  • Optimal performance
  • Replacement of all wear parts with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

Reliable availability

  • More than 23,000 products for cars, vans, and trucks
  • Available from all Mercedes-Benz partners
  • Fast ordering channels
  • Short delivery times

All in all, it is apparent that:

With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts, our customers have 4 things on their side

  • Money saved
  • Mileage assured with Mercedes-Benz quality
  • Back on the road again in no time at all
  • Resources saved

Target Groups

Who should you offer Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts to?
When should you use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts?

For whom?

  • Price-conscious customers with vehicles older than 4 years (segments 2 and 3)


  • In the event of warranty and goodwill cases
  • For service contracts and repair kits