The After-Sales Logistics from Global Service & Parts

Optimal parts supply with After-Sales logistics from Global Service & Parts

For the After-Sales Service, the comprehensive and fast parts supply is a fundamental success factor. At Daimler AG, efficient logistics are behind this. Mercedes-Benz is able to meet the high customer demands through the global logistics network from Global Service & Parts.

The three-stage supply chain enables the fast supply of customers around the world. From the suppliers, the parts reach the Global Logistics Center in Germersheim, the first stage of the logistics chain. The Global Logistics Center supplies the wholesale locations. These deliver the parts to service operations around the world.

A finely tuned transmission with many gears intermeshing perfectly - this is how our global network works. Innovative storage systems, material planning and a dense communication network are combined to create the perfect After-Sales logistics. Our support system provides fast and competent assistance where needed.